The Rake's Progress

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David Byron

David Byron is a software developer working for the military-industrial complex. At Popehat, he writes about art, language, theater (mostly magic), technology, lyrics, and aleatory ephemera. Serious or satirical poetry spontaneously overflows from him while he's recollecting in tranquility. @dcbyron

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9 Responses

  1. Andrew F. says:

    Why is duff underneath snow bad for dogs?

  2. David says:

    A mulchy consistency is the hobgoblin of piddling 'hinds.

  3. AlphaCentauri says:

    Skip the green plastic ones. Get the red plastic ones, where the tines are twinned into little "V's" that the leaves don't clump onto. Makes a world of difference.

  4. efemmeral says:

    "Always more leaves, and always more life, though not always the same trees and never the same leaves."

    That was beautifully balanced. It feels like a parent/child allegory. Now I'm imagining other constructs that express the same idea. This is going to stick. I need a tune wedgie.

  5. Paul Baxter says:

    The leaf blower (not the accordion) is Satan's preferred musical instrument. I had to remind a customer on Friday that I would not be able to tune his piano while he was using (consorting with?) his infernal device.

    Did some raking myself yesterday.

  6. AlphaCentauri says:

    Satanic indeed. 99% of leaf blower users just blow the leaves off their own property but don't bag or compost them. (I just made up that statistic, but it's probably pretty close to true.) At least the mulcher-mower people can dump the trimmings in a pile and return the nutrients to the soil it came from.

  7. Joe Pullen says:

    @David – if this is the view out back of your property I am properly jealous.

  8. theAxe says:

    What would Hogarth think?

  9. nodandsmile says:

    I've always found the repetitive yet moving experience of sweeping to be a calming, meditative, nigh-on-zen time.

    And useful even!