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  1. I suspect "hacker against the man" movies are due for a boost in popularity next year.

    I thought I'd try to head this one off.

  2. You are a very, very evil man. I really respect that.

    Vaguely related.

  3. Isaac Cambron says:

    Yikes. Damon as Case revealed too early–could barely read the rest of it through my cringing. I'm still shuddering, actually.

  4. Miles Archer says:

    I'm a huge Gibson fan. It will be a while before Hollywood is capable of making a movie out of his books that doesn't suck donkey turds.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear lord, NO!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Correction…. By the FSM's Noodly Appendage, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wick says:

    So wrong, on so many levels.

  8. Alex the Too Old says:

    That left a bruise. On my SOUL.

  9. AlphaCentauri says:

    Was that a Star Wars reference to "Do you think a princess and a guy like me…?"

  10. George William Herbert says:

    "The comments section was the color of a subreddit left to spammers…"

  11. As Lawrence said, you are a respectably evil man.

    Also, I think I'm going to be sick now.

  12. mud man says:

    Did you really mean Emily Blount?

  13. Anton Sirius says:

    One nitpick: they really only use the "Meet X"-style narration in trailers for comedies.

    Actually, nowadays it only gets used in fake trailers parodying bad comedies.

  14. That Anonymous Coward says:

    With the rise of the MegaCorp chummer, I expect to see them leaning more on Shadowrun. The IP's cheaper.

  15. wgering says:

    I actually thought Shadowrun when I saw "VR goggles."

    I then proceeded to die inside when I realized what it actually was.

  16. As a hacker (according to the Honorable David G Campbell of AZ), I have to say that movie sounds like total ass compared to the novel. But props to Patrick for effective use of The Formula.

    Harder than it looks from outside the studio.

  17. James Pollock says:

    Wintermute will never let it happen.

  18. I'd welcome a good movie version of a Gibson movie. That would not be it.

    But they could always retitle it "Bourne 2.0 In Space"

  19. Votre says:

    Acccck!!!! Blasphemy! The Panther Moderns need to be called in pronto if Speilberg goes through with it as you just described.

  20. Clark says:

    [affordable character actor resembling Ray Liotta, or Liotta if negotiable].


    I love Ray Liotta. He's not often necessary, but when he IS necessary, it's really best to go with the original.

  21. Clark says:

    @Miles Archer

    I'm a huge Gibson fan. It will be a while before Hollywood is capable of making a movie out of his books that doesn't suck donkey turds.

    Any of his recent stuff should be possible to film, even on a small budget. The Cayce Pollard / Blue Ant stuff would be perfect for an Ethan Hawke mid-indie-budget kind of production (note: Ethan Hawke not actually needed).

  22. Joe D says:

    Did you mean Emily Blunt?

  23. That Anonymous Coward says:

    @Joe D. – Well I think James Blunt in a dress would be much to shocking.

  24. LauraW says:

    Neuromancer might actually make a good movie if done well. But I don't think anyone in Hollywood could do it well. Maybe someone a younger Ridley Scott (think Bladerunner) or the guy who did District 9. Someone good at dystopias. And a low special-effects budget, so it doesn't end up being Tron in Space.

    Matt Damon. Must go gouge eyes out now.

  25. rmd says:

    And featuring George Takai as the magic ninja (Hideo? It's been a couple of decades since I last read it.) This could (possibly) suck as much as the Keanu Reeves "Johnny Mnemonic".

    This, however,

    "The comments section was the color of a subreddit left to spammers…"

    wins the internet for the day.

  26. Mark says:

    You left off Matthew Mcconaughey. I understand he will appear – courtesy of Pixar effects – as The Dixie Flatline.

    No confirmed word yet on who will play The Finn. According to the studio the character will be portrayed onscreen as a wisecracking CGI head to bring in a larger audience.

    Earlier rumors that John Leguizamo or Nathan Lane will be taking time off of Michael Bay's new Epic Comedy "Sacco and Vanzetti" to provide voiceover for the zany fence remain unconfirmed.

  27. arparp says:

    Despite being important and visionary, Neuromancer is a poorly written book. Even if it weren't (or isn't, to those of you filling with righteous keyboard rage) a bad movie adaptation won't diminish the original work any more than a child making a scribbled portrait with crayons would diminish whatever person you find most attractive.

  28. Ken says:

    Hideo is the name. Who do you like for Armitage?

  29. rmd says:

    In the spirit of picking people who would be totally wrong for the part but who are the people that Hollywood would pick, I propose LL Cool J for Armitage and Lucy Liu for Molly. Directed by Peter Jackson who will drag the whole thing out into a four part trilogy.

  30. Demosthenes says:

    It's pretty clearly meant to be Emily Blunt, she of "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Young Victoria." And also "The Adjustment Bureau," and a huge hat-tip to Patrick for what I can only assume is an intentional reference, pairing her with Matt Damon. (Whose films I can't stand anymore, because they all seem too heavy on the Howard Zinn class-warfare crap. It doesn't help, I guess, that I hate Howard Zinn.) If Hollywood ever did decide to piss me off by making "Neuromancer: Teh Muvee," this is exactly who they would cast, and this is exactly what the trailer would look like.

    On an unrelated note, "Man of Steel" was worth the wait…

  31. James Pollock says:

    "Burning Chrome" is probably the better candidate for a movie. Of course, I would have picked it ahead of "Johnny Mnemonic", too.

    Peter Jackson would be better with "The Difference Engine". I think he'd do great at settling all the little details of period costuming and set design.

  32. babaganusz says:

    been popping by for a year or three now, and have never before seen such a stream of pretentious fap/whining in the comments. not sure how it could be any other way in this context, however.

    also, while it is hideo, it's also takei, and you (like most gaijin) probably need to learn how that's actually pronounced.

    i like brian cox for armitage (and fwiw, i would've said so before xmen 2). 20 years ago* i would've said brian dennehy, but i've learned half a thing or so since then.

    *back when annie lennox would've been at least 23% more viable than now to be molly.

    no such thing as a dream-team case – he should be played by an unknown. failing that, sam rockwell.

    and malcolm jamal-warner as malcolm, duh.

  33. That Anonymous Coward says:

    @LauraW – Someone good at dystopian…
    I thought movies were supposed to be fantasies to take us away from our everyday lives…

  34. Noxx says:

    Ridley Scott was the only person really capable of bringing Gibson to the screen, and after his most recent films I'm pretty sure that opportunity is gone forever.

  35. Bob Plankers says:

    Ed Harris as Armitage.

  36. perlhaqr says:

    I hate you, Milkman Dan.

  37. Xtifr says:

    Here's a thought to contemplate and make you feel old. What is "the color of a television tuned to a dead channel." In 1984, it was one thing. Today, I suspect, most kids would think of a vivid, bright blue, much like the color of the sky over California today.

  38. Ambidexter says:

    Stephen Fry would be good as The Finn.

  39. Eric Holder says:

    Nonsense. I told them, Case has to be a nerdy little twerp. That's why he needs Molly.


  40. christian white and his ayran reggae band says:

    when making films, never choose the story with the talking dolphin

  41. Demosthenes says:

    You gotta love it when this —

    "…have never before seen such a stream of pretentious fap/whining in the comments."

    — is followed so closely by this:

    "…it's also takei, and you (like most gaijin) probably need to learn how that's actually pronounced."

    Pot…hey, over here, Pot. Have you met my good friend Kettle?

  42. Mark says:

    Oh dear.

    I just realized that there is a movie coming out that stars Matt Damon and is directed by "that District 9 guy".

    In addition, its plot centers around a team from somewhere much like The Sprawl (which definitely includes a bionically enhanced character, a pilot for a ramshackle ship, and a hacker type) traveling to a luxurious orbital station. The station is controlled by a possibly mad woman. That possibly mad woman activates an heavily engineered assassin to stop them. And just to add one more part of the thread – the plot looks a bit like something Howard Zinn would enjoy.

    How did I get this information?

    ….I watched the trailer. (cue Inception noise blast)

    Do Popehat threads travel backwards in time?

  43. bill. says:

    Is now time for the Cryptonomicon movie?

    Randy puts the phone back in its armrest cradle and prepares to sink into a well-deserved plane-coma. But five minutes later the phone rings. It is so disorienting to have one's phone ring on an airplane that he doesn't know what to make of it for a while. When he finally realizes what's going on, he has to consult the instruction card to figure out how to answer it.

    When he finally has the thing turned on and at his ear, a voice says, "You call that subtle? You think that you and Doug Shaftoe are the only two people in the world who know that Sultan-Class passengers can receive incoming phone calls?" Randy is certain he's never heard this voice before. It is the voice of an old man. Not a voice worn out or cracking with age, but a voice that's been slowly worn smooth, like the steps of a cathedral.

    "Um, who's this?"

    "Am I right in thinking that you want Mr. Shaftoe to go to a pay telephone somewhere and then call you back?"

    "Who is this, please?"

    "You think that's more secure than his GSM phone? It's not really." The speaker pauses frequently before, during, and after sentences, as if he's been spending a lot of time alone, and is having trouble hitting his conversational stride.

    "Okay," Randy says, "you know who I am and whom I was calling. So obviously you are surveilling me. You're not working for the Dentist, I take it. That leaves–what? The United States Government? The NSA, right?"

    The man laughs. "As a rule the Fort Meade boys don't bother to check in with the people whose lines they are tapping." The caller has an un-American crispness in his voice, vaguely Northern European. "In your case the NSA might make an exception, it's true–when I was there, they were all great admirers of your grandfather's work. In fact, they liked it so much they stole it."

    "No higher flattery, I guess."
    I was there to watch the NSA watching your grandfather."

  44. rev says:

    cryptonomicon is fantastic; took me a year to read it with my schedule; i just don't think three hours of screen time is enough to do it justice.

  45. mojo says:

    Snow Crash.

    "Oh, I think they'll listen to REASON…"

  46. Colin says:

    When you started out with "Meet Case…" and "Meet Molly…" there was a large part of my brain cringing itself nearly inside-out in dread of reading "Musical cue: Solsbury Hill". Thank you for not going there.

  47. marco73 says:

    Here, this will leave a mark: A "Ron Howard" film.

  48. babaganusz says:

    yes, 'Demosthenes', there are only two sides to anything. you are an unparalleled master of hypocrisy-detection.


    cryptonomicon would have to be a miniseries.

  49. SPQR says:

    Neuromancer hasn't really stood up IMO. Although its first line is still classic.

    But then, my perception may just be colored by the fact that Gibson's work has been so overrated in general.

  50. James Pollock says:

    If you need to have a hacker movie on your release schedule, remake "Evilspeak".

  51. Susskins says:

    Somebody better call the Turing Police before this thing becomes sentient.

  52. naught_for_naught says:

    "there are only two sides to anything."

    Well, then there's definitely something wrong with these polyhedrons. Fetchin' a hammer here, boss.

  53. JSlane says:

    Dreamworks and Disney teaming up? Disney owns Pixar, why would they ever need to use Dreamworks for anything?

    Nueromancer would maybe be doable now with current levels of near-photo-realistic CGI. Personally, I'd prefer something like an HBO/Showtime/Starz mini-series (10 episodes to cover the whole book and maybe flesh out the details on scenes where the book is a bit sparse)… Maybe even Netflix, but I think the budget for the CGI involved might be beyond them for a couple more years.

  54. Demosthenes says:

    I wasn't calling you a hypocrite, babaganusz. Hypocrisy requires a degree of self-awareness.

    SPQR: Eh, you're probably right. Certainly its depiction of cyberspace is outmoded. Ironically, I'd point to its classic first line as an example of how it hasn't stood up to the times. Whose TVs still get fuzzies on the "dead channels" anymore? But as technological dystopia, it's still one of the most unique worlds ever crafted.

  55. rev says:

    SPQR: I tend to agree with you re: neuromancer. i read it as an adult and my main complaint was about the sex in the book. either a) it needed to be better written, i.e. it felt like a teenage dream to me rather than something real, or b) it needed to be cut because it didn't really forward the story. i would have preferred option b) because then i could at least let my 12 year old daughter (who reads voraciously) read it. as it is, i can't recommend it. i have the same complaint about niven's ringworld, which in the end was even more disappointing than i could ever have imagined, not just for the pointless sex, but for severely deficient story telling, dangling plot elements, and poor character development.

  56. Tam says:

    Be careful, Patrick, for you are treading on my dreams.

  57. jdgalt says:

    If Hollywood wants to get me back in a theater, let them make Snow Crash. Accurately.

  58. PsychoDan says:

    There actually are some steps being taken towards a Neuromancer movie. They've got the guy who directed Cube and nothing else anyone cares about to direct, and supposedly they want Liam Neeson as Armitage. I don't think it's actually going to happen.

  59. babaganusz says:

    I wasn't calling you a hypocrite, babaganusz.

    nor was i claiming (nor would i ever claim) to be above or apart from pretentious fap/whining or being a gaijin. but i hope your imagination could eventually work out more than one possible purpose for the comment you so enjoyed a slice of.

    Hypocrisy requires a degree of self-awareness.

    who can afford to worry about how aware I am of my self, when even one with your breathtakingly piercing perception seems unable* to grasp the available pieces?

    *perhaps merely unwilling, though in that case it's somewhat bizarre that you deign to respond at all.

  60. babaganusz says:

    Well, then there's definitely something wrong with these polyhedrons. Fetchin' a hammer here, boss.

    you, good sir, may use the laser doohickies – unless you prefer hammerin'. (just save a few for the gamers; nobody else has to know…)

  61. luagha says:

    Speaking of Shadowrun, here's their movie trailer:

    (It's a fan clip-art)

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