COME AT US, TROLL. [And Government of Ecuador]

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19 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    I haven't read the Buzzfeed article, but I'm going to imagine that whatever implication you're talking about is the one that makes me the most mad then hold it against you.

    Hope your trial didn't kill you and went as well as it could for your client.

  2. sorrykb says:

    Hey look the documents are downloadable! [clicks] :-)

  3. sorrykb says:

    P.S. I love what the new owners of Righthaven have done with the place.

  4. Doug says:

    buzzfeed people dont believe them.

  5. different Jess says:

    Sure censorship is bad. (Or is that censoriousness? Would that mean the same thing?) But let's have a sense of proportion. Abusing the content takedown process is basically the only action open to the spooks of Ecuador, outside Ecuador. Neither are they the only party that abuses that process, not by a long shot. I can't help feeling that a sense of… proportion… would prompt us to consider the many options, legal and otherwise, running the gamut from more ethical than takedown abuse to much, horrifically much, worse than takedown abuse, available to their rivals in the current global civic controversy. Do we really believe these actions show Ecuador to be bad enough that anyone who receives (or even applies for) their assistance is automatically suspect?

    This isn't the first time I've read Steinbaugh and been left wondering why I should care.

  6. Remember to angle your armor when digging in, Ken. Just turn the front of the tank a bit to either side to bounce those shells easier.

  7. Myk says:

    Been waiting for a chance to use this!

  8. wgering says:

    Thank you so much for making the links blue. Those red(?) links were a pain in the ass for colorblind folk.

  9. peej says:

    Oooh! How adorable… the way the zip file o'documents snuggled happily onto my server when I clicked.

    …But I think it's no fair that Righthaven v.2 in its FAQ describes Randazza as a 'scourge' of trolls, but Ken doesn't get an awesome tag like that. He should, you know? Hmmm…something stronger than 'pest' but not so melodramatic as 'calamity.' I like 'bane.'

  10. Anony Mouse says:



  11. NI says:

    This would be the same government of Ecuador that is taking seriously an asylum application from Edward Snowden? Apparently Ecuador has the right to its secrets but the US government doesn't

  12. AlphaCentauri says:

    "Kenneth Trollbane" does have a nice ring to it. ;)

  13. ChrisTS says:

    You get 'em, Dude!

    Also, could we have an update on the Prenderasts? Almost any nugget would satisfy.

  14. Christenson says:

    The comments there are still live. The twitter feed will give you plenty of interesting links.

    Gibbs, in Magsumbo, CAND, has filed to withdraw as counsel, and filed that Prenda does not object to defendants motion for fees. Between the lines, when he says the rules REQUIRE him to withdraw, we can read that he has decided the action is frivolous and he doesn't need any more sanctions.

    That's probably on the basis of Delvan Neville's report showing that Sharkmp4 likely uploaded AF holdings films and sharkmp4 is connected to John Steele.

    A judge has re-opened one of Prendas cases for possible misconduct and ordered Prenda to turn over the settlement records to the court.

    Heather Rosing has come out with a libelous filing in her atrempt at appealing judge Wright's sanction. Were I Morgan Pietz, I would offer to produce my John Doe client to the court, under seal.

    Delvan has produced a counter report, pointing out the flaws in Rosing's filing. Both of Delvan Neville's reports are extremely readable and explain exactly his procedure and chain of reasoning, as well as enough of how BitTorrent works for a technical person to understand what is happening.

    Lipscomb won bog in PA, for all the wrong reasons — one of his defendants was caught faking evidence, but not until after the court had to bring in a neutral expert. Lipscomb had also sat on the tampered evidence for months. But the judge gave him a "get out of troll free" card because he actually represents a producer and it does not appear that he uploaded the movies to BT himself. Report on FCT.

    Goodhue in AZ did not make it to the show cause hearing, but seems to have gotten enough medical records to the judge and a reference from John Doe's counsel to get a continuation. Harris, the pro se defendant, has been asked to tone down his filings by the judge. The general consensus is that he NEEDS counsel, or at least an editor.

    I have probably forgotten something important that SJD or DTD can add.

  15. ChrisTS says:

    YAY! Oh, rather, thank you, good Sir.

  16. Kevin Lyda says:

    I have no doubt that Ecuador does things it should not. However I'd be a bit more impressed if anyone here was Ecuadorian and fighting these things.

    When I listen to my friends in Europe decry America's policy, I quite often agree, but in the back of my head I'm thinking, "that's a beautiful glass house you have, are you sure rock throwing is the hobby for you?" Ireland has draconian laws – the Offences Against the State Acts. The UK has numerous issues with police and secret service overreach. Many EU countries are major arms exporters and also have civil rights issues.

    But the same is true for us Americans. We have our own issues to address. Some of our own citizens have risked their freedom and their futures to tell us what's going on. What are we going to do with that?

    Reforming the Ecuadorian government is a nobel cause, but I'm not really sure that the best use of our time.

  17. babaganusz says:

    @Kevin Lyda – hear, hear. 'what-about-ery', motes in neighbors' eyes and suchlike are the stuff of fine lines and slippery slopes.

  18. princessartemis says:

    @Kevin Lyda, I'd be more inclined to consider that a fair criticism of Ken if he didn't regularly do similar things to US state actors. He's got quite a few posts around trolling states, counties, and other US government employees for their censoriousness, inviting them to press charges against him for violating their absurdly over-broad and unenforceable laws. Popehat is equal-opportunity in that regard.