Great Moments In Legal Marketing From Jon/John

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21 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Dunno…seems like a step up from Shatner hawking Hupy and Abraham.

  2. That Anonymous Coward says:

    First time I saw it I commented about how lawyers (who most people dislike until they need one) might not want to associate themselves with shit. Something something image problem your fixing it wrong.

    This however isn't the pinnacle, that will be the DUI specialist who pays to flyer cars in bar parking lots.

  3. naught_for_naught says:

    Three words: Slip 'n fall

  4. John Finn says:

    Well I was gonna say something witty, but I got nothing. On another note – What a terrible, terrible idea for this lawyer. His name is gonna get dragged through the mud over this one.

  5. Keith Lee says:

    His name is certainly going to be dragged through something.

  6. XS says:

    His family must be so proud.

  7. Jim says:

    Jon's John.

  8. chug says:

    Protip: when using display advertising, make sure that the visible URL associated with your ad is your own URL, not

  9. Roscoe says:

    Back in the day, after a particularly "beloved" squadron commander moved on, I and the other lieutenants commissioned the creation of a small brass placard to commemorate his time as squadron C.O. It was lovingly placed on one of the urinals in the head right off the ready room.

  10. Warren Vita says:

    At least it was on the outside, and not plastered where you'd have to endure his gaze while trying to take care of business. Although that could be an opportunity for pranks/negative marketing of a competitor.

  11. ZarroTsu says:

    Surprised nobody's drawn a swirly mustache and goatee on it yet. Unless they have since the time of the photo. I think we need an update on this.

  12. NE Patriot says:

    Funny, but context is everything. Even in law.
    An anecdote:
    In my hometown, a convenience store owner had ripped out his gas pumps and wanted to wall-in the area where the pumps had been, and expand his postage-stamp sized store. The town wasn't too happy about handing out a zoning variance initially. During the hearing at the town meeting, though, it came up that the store owner had, for several years, paid out of his own pocket to provide porta-potties for the little league baseball fields that were adjacent to his shop. Never was asked to do so, just felt it was the right thing to do to help the kids out a little.
    Needless to say, his variance sailed as smoothly as silk through the process after that revelation. Last I heard, the shopkeeper was still funding the porta-potties.

  13. En Passant says:

    Is he flush with success? Or is his business in the tank?

  14. JT says:

    Well, great. This guy has the same name as me. Next he's going to sponsor a bordello. There are enough John jokes in the world without this dingleberry making it worse.

  15. JT says:

    @NE Patriot

    Respectfully, I don't think any context makes this better.

    Standing in line, trying not to soil your undergarments (for why else would you use such a facility but for desperation), you arrive face to face with this guy just as you are about to inhale the turdstink of the 73 people who shat before you, and as you are desperately hoping not to contract amoebic dysentery. Sounds like a recipe for positive association to me. "When you think of chemical toilets filled with the excrement and urine of the attendees of the Philadelphia Chili Cook-Off, think of me."

  16. Cat says:

    I think this is an excellent advertisement – it proudly proclaims that here is a lawyer that is willing to put up with odorous complaints, foul smelling cases, and will even place himself in a position to leverage the crap his prospective clients will give him.

    Because the best possible clients come from such advertising.

  17. andrews says:

    will be the DUI specialist who pays to flyer cars in bar parking lots.

    Just so it does not come as a surprise, I should probably tell you that many bars have display advertising over the urinals. Yes, this advertising features lawyers handling DUI cases. Also bail bondsmen.

  18. Anony Mouse says:

    Well, if you're a DUI lawyer, it makes more sense to advertise at the local bar than the local Teetotaler's Sunday Brunch. Where else would they advertise?

  19. John Vreeland says:

    If you need to use that pot you are going to be very thankful for the consideration given by Jon Whatsisname. You might even remember his name.

  20. Niall says:

    @NE Patriot:

    Your anectode is nice, but fails the comparison point in one giant way: the owner never, not once, publically advertised his rental of the porta-potties, especially ON the porta-potties, since no one knew about it. This was truly a gesture of help with a selfless streak. The example above is more one of a brown-nosing streak…

  21. En Passant says:

    JT wrote Aug 12, 2013 @2:05 pm:

    Well, great. This guy has the same name as me.

    And you both share the name of a poet contemporary with and a countryman of Shakespeare. He's no Shakespeare poetically, but his work is enjoyable if you like the period. It's witty, quite snarky in places, if a bit rough around the edges.