But I'm One of the GOOD Marketeers! Let Me Help You Fight The Bad Ones!

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24 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    I think it would have been awesome if this guy had actually attached a well written post on the pony menace to his "hey, but I'm a good guy" response.

    That would have been the only thing that would prove that he "really" got it.

  2. Kilroy says:

    At a minimum, he should have figured out that he needed to offer to tackle the issue of Pony liability.

  3. Kilroy says:

    Damn it, Jason. get out of my head!

  4. Troutwaxer says:

    Spam, spam, spam, spam, law blog, spam and spam.

  5. WhangoTango says:

    You got your angrygasm; he confirmed his belief that the Internet is for angry nerds. Everybody wins!

  6. MrSpkr says:

    Ken, I'm confused. How do you really feel about guest post solicitation?

  7. ketchup says:

    I tried going to


    but that domain does not exist!
    For the second day in a row, Ken has lied to us.

    P.S. If you are taking this seriously please read the comments in yesterday's Mike Rogers post.

  8. Lizard says:

    Currently awaiting the day when the Association For Spammy Marketing Assholes asserts your postings on this subject represent, I think "tortious interference" is the legalspeak, in their business model. (Hey, "Let's get the government to outlaw things that harm our business model" works for the RIAA, and for that matter, horse coaches in Britain in the 1830s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Goldsworthy_Gurney#Gurney.27s_steam_carriage )

  9. ZarroTsu says:

    Spam mail 2: Spam Mailer

  10. En Passant says:

    I changed the name of the law firm. However, I have sent an email to the law firm asking them to stop spamming me with guest post requests, and suggesting that if I ever receive another such spam, I will name and shame them like, say, this.

    On the basis of ancient and as yet uncontradicted scientific findings I predict you will receive another such spam.

    In particular, note the rules of spam #1 and #2:

    Rule #1: Spammers lie.

    Rule #2: If a spammer seems to be telling the truth, see Rule #1.


  11. Ivraatiems says:

    One's a scathingly sarcastic, ponyphobic legal blogger. The other's a former marketeer-turned-vigilante.

    They fight crime.

  12. Mike says:

    Ken – I work with Mike, Mike, and Mike law, and think you would appreciate a guest post I've put together about guest-post spammers who offer to write guest posts about guest-post spam when caught sending guest-post spam. If you're interested in this or other collaborations on the scourge of people who offer up guest-post spam calling out guest-post spam when called out on their own guest-post spam, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  13. Aaron says:


    I couldn't help myself…I bought the domain. Unfortunately it's taking a while to propagate to the root DNS servers, but I have it pointing to Ken's dialog with a guest-post spammer :) Maybe I should turn it into a user-posted set of bad spam/marketer slob…

  14. Michael S. says:

    This must be decorated with blinky Under Construction GIFs, a hit counter, and a badly tiled background–think 1990s GeoCities pages.

  15. Dion starfire says:

    You might want to mention that your blog tends to focus on lawyers behaving badly (with the rare exception of 'thanks to the popehat-signal responders' posts), and that your audience includes a large percentage of non-lawyers and lawyer-haters (there's a truckload of irony in the conflation of those groups and popehat's staff). And that any guest posts would need to fit that format.

  16. Dion starfire says:

    I think it'd be interesting (one time) to hear one of these folks talk about this practice for the readers. I wonder how they'd argue that marketing posts actually benefit readers, and the reasoning behind adopting this marketing tactic (is there anything more to it than an extension of the "any publicity is good publicity" myth?).

  17. Marconi Darwin says:

    Can you ask him to accept my guest-blogged articles on his website?

  18. Jacob H says:

    You should have asked him to write a guest post on how horrible legal marketeering is, since he agrees with that so strongly (and not publish it, of course).

    Conversely, you could have asked him to write you a guest post of "I will not spam law blogs" 500 times

  19. Aaron S. says:

    Thank you [Ken White] for your excellent commentary on [Popehat] regarding [ERROR: Undefined]. As you know, [ponies] are a serious concern to us as well. Hopefully, we can create a meaningful dialogue about [ponies].

  20. flip says:

    Ken, thanks for these posts. I recently got a spammy guest post email and decided to try your tactic of playing along but with subtle mockery. I took me two emails both suggesting entirely absurd content, but the marketeer took the hint and went away. Instead of spending countless hours blocking email addresses, this will be my method from now on of dealing with spammers. Especially because it makes them take the hint and hopefully will reduce my chances of ending up on "to contact" lists. Well, even if it doesn't… it made me feel better! :)

  21. mcalex says:

    @Michael S. @Aaron I reckon it should get a site with just a plain white background and the new 'Govern yourselves accordingly!' tag thing in big black letters. (Just when I was getting used to being libel.)

  22. Aaron says:

    @mcalex Or I could make a hideously colored site with crazy background to make it eye-catching and interesting :P

  23. Alan Bleiweiss says:

    I'm betting the law firm would reply "hey – they told us its okay to guest post". Except of course, 90% of people who offer guest posting (purely to get links for SEO) are full of shit and clueless about what real brand outreach is, let alone the notion that guest posting in its purest form, has nothing to do with SEO as a primary consideration, but instead, focuses on adding a new authoritative voice to an existing environment. And of course, where that new voice matches the existing focus of the site in question.

    Disclaimer: this is acceptable ignorance for me. Since I get to audit sites that asshat marketeers screw up all the time – it's how I make my living. if it weren't for the asshats, I wouldn't be doing as well as I am.

  24. Alan Bleiweiss says:


    "guest posting" from a marketeer perspective, is a way to boost SEO for their clients. It's a shiny object that obliterates real concepts of marketing and brand outreach. It's a purely manipulative hack tactic.

    Marketeers are clueless when it comes to brand and fixated on artificial manipulation of signals based on loosely conceived notions. Some of them sadly, still work to a certain degree, however it gets harder every year to fake those signals through hacktastic methods.