Established in April 2004, Popehat is a group blog founded by members of the forum at a now sadly defunct gaming website known as Gone Gold. Since its founding, the site has suffered from both benign and malevolent neglect. Its contributors have numbered from only one to as many as eight, depending on interest and free time.  Among the few constants during the years of Popehat's existence have been its founder, Ken White, and his associate blogger Ezra.

Over the years the site has undergone many changes in focus and appearance.  This, for instance, is what Popehat looked like in February 2006:


Naturally, the views of one author do not necessarily reflect the views of any other.  Indeed, sometimes acrimonious arguments break out in comments, though these may in fact be fake altercations, staged for our own amusement at the reader's expense.

Since a number of Popehat's authors are attorneys, work in closely related fields, or have strong interests in politics, law is also a relative constant in the site's focus.  Nevertheless, though it may seem to be at times, this is not a "law blog" as such.  Ultimately, the subject of Popehat is whatever the author of a given post wishes to discuss, aided by a good community of readers and commenters, whose thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Another, perhaps regrettable yet constant focus at Popehat is what we'll call, for lack of a better term, "Geek culture".  The oddest author at Popehat is, as of this writing, forty years old, and grew up watching science fiction television, reading science fiction and fantasy, playing role-playing and computer games, and in general setting himself up for a lot of pain before he wised up and learned to behave like a non-geek, at least in public.  Other authors probably have similar stories.

We do receive questions about the name.  The name "Popehat" derives from an inside joke not particularly funny to those not in the know.  It is in no way intended to mock, disparage, or praise the Roman Catholic Church or its pontiff, a subject on which we remain officially agnostic.

Finally, we occasionally blog about products, such as films, music, books, and food.  All products were donated to us by their authors and distributors.  They paid us copious sums of money to write favorable reviews, and we complied. As a result, we're rich!  Consequences, schmonsequences, as long as we're rich.

You may reach us by emailing ken [at] popehat [dot] com, or by registering for our forum.

Believe it or not, some of us actually have jobs. Our employers have nothing whatsoever to do with this site. The views, rants, and tequila hallucinations uttered here do not represent the views of our employers and/or secure psychiatric facilities. Also, nothing on this blog is meant to give you legal advice. Seriously. Apparently we have to tell some of you that.

January 2009