Popehat's Adoption Forum

Popehat hosts several forums, including an adoption forum. I started the forum as a place for robust discussion of adoption issues that I felt was lacking elsewhere; the post discussing my feelings on the matter is here. The focus is international and transracial adoption, though all adoption issues are up for discussion.

The forum is private to casual viewers — meaning you won't see it if you go to our forums — but open to anyone with a sincere interest in adoption issues. To join, do this:

1. Go to our forums. You'll see forums on other subjects. You won't see the adoption forum yet.

2. Register as a forum user, using the link in the upper corner. You still won't see the adoption forum.

3. Either send me (Ken) a PM asking to be added to the adoption forum, or email me at ken at popehat dot com and ask me (being sure to tell me the username you've registered with).

4. I will add you to the list so you can see and participate in the adoption forum.

Join us. We're having some good discussions.