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Does This Mean That Flipping The Bird Would Be Friendly?

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Cracked, normally a staunch advocate of uncouth behavior, has an instructive article on manners — specifically, seven innocent gestures that can get you killed overseas.

In Russia, even numbers of flowers are only ever given at funerals, and such a gift is seen as inviting death, which you obviously don't want to do unless you're banging a goth chick

These would have been helpful in my misspent youth. In France, I had to learn myself that my speaking French was considered rude.

Way To Go

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I was digging through my personal files in the office and found a clipping of the best obituary I'll ever read. This notice was printed in the Daily Item of Lewisburg PA on February 7 2004. It concerns Mr. Louis Casimir Jr., of the same town. I was given a copy shortly after this was printed because my wife is friends with Mr. Casimir's daughter. I understand that an abbreviated version of Mr. Casimir's obituary was read over the air on Car Talk.



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Andrew Sullivan's post reminded me of a fun blog called Regret the Error, which runs funny or otherwise notable newspaper corrections. In this case, the Guardian was forced to concede that no matter how awesome Jack Bauer is, and no mater whether John Yoo thinks it would be appropriate, Jack can't interrogate a dead guy.

We said that, in the American TV drama 24, Jack Bauer, the counter-terrorism agent, resorted to electrocution to extract information. You cannot extract information from someone who has been electrocuted because they are dead. (Questioning, the Jack Bauer way, page 1, April 19.

The entire blog, especially the year-end roundups, is fantastic. Enjoy.

Lego Macht Frei

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I have seen Hell. It is modular and brightly colored. It snaps. And it hurts like a bitch when you step on pieces of it in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.

You might call it Legoland.


The Fifty Greatest Comedy Sketches

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A site called Nerve … which is now seriously slammed because of the traffic … has a "Fifty Best Comedy Sketches of All Time" list up, with descriptions, some videos, and links. You may well disagree with inclusion, exclusion, and ordering, but it's a joy just to read.

Via Sullivan.

I Got Blood-Dimmed Tide On My Bowling Shoes

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I never studied the great poets. I'm only an occasional consumer of poetry, and most of college was taken up in political science classes in the grim march towards law school. As a result, I don't know much about the lives of the most prominent poets of the twentieth century.

Nevertheless, when I read this:

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

. . . I can tell you with absolute certainty that William Butler Yeats had attended at least one kiddie birthday party.