Jack Thompson and Court as the Theatre of the Absurd

Jack Thompson, a rascally "attorney" with a Cloverfield-sized bug up his ass about video games, has been a subject here before, usually as a result of Game Politics' excellent coverage of him.

Game Politics has now obtained transcripts of Thompson's nine-day state bar trial late last year, and has been running excerpts and commentary. It's astonishing; it reaches a can't-look-away-from-the-car-wreck level of sick fascination. On another level it is sad; the depiction of Mr. Thompson in action strongly reinforces my impression of him that he's seriously in need of therapy. Attorneys will enjoy Mr. Thompson's comments to the judge and his quirky (to put it mildly) grasp of evidence and procedure.


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  1. says

    He appears to be taking it on the chin. Thank the stars.

    From part 2, this from an email sent by JT to the Alabama Judge, regarding the proceedings in Judge Moore's court:

    "What in hell – literally – is going on here?"

    For some reason that really tickled my funny bone.

  2. Patrick says

    Yeah, I agree that attorneys will get more of a wince out of reading this stuff than non-attorneys. The thought of saying or writing such stuff about a judge before whom I'm appearing makes me wince.

    More importantly though, I'm playing Bully right now. If it's a "Columbine simulator," where do I find the guns?

  3. says

    Today's update has "ex parte" in it.

    I can' help giggling every time I see that term now thanks to your OO threads.