I Come to Bury the Dead, Not to Raise Them

Perhaps we're in danger of becoming the Blog of the Dead, but for this week's Friday afternoon time waster, I'm continuing with a theme: zombies.

Whoever wrote De-Animator, a flash-based web game which claims to be based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft but bears more resemblance to the works of George A. Romero, understands the essentials of a quality time-wasting mini-game. Good aesthetics, mindless violence, dramatic tension, and increasing difficulty ramped up through multiple waves or stages. He also understands the living dead, and that the only way to communicate with them is with a shot to the head.

De-Animator starts easy but it's all a ruse. You'll quickly find yourself struggling as the dead come in greater numbers. You'll acquire more powerful weapons, but your end is inevitable. In true arcade fashion, the only uncertainty is: Can you top your high score?

Hat tip: Bob (hotter than Driver) at OO.

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