Jack Thompson Will Die If You Don't Pay Attention To Him

Amusing news on the Jack Thompson front from Game Politics: (1) Jack has gone all emo because the FBI is ignoring his complaints about how the whole world, but in particular the Florida State Bar, is in a vast conspiracy to violate his rights, and (2) Jack has repeatedly reported Game Politics to the FBI for various things, including the Patriot Act.

Apparently the Patriot Act has a provision making it a federal crime to use interstate commerce to ridicule a demented vexatious litigant. This is EXACTLY why you should read laws before you pass them, Congress.

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    I think that he goes in the other direction. That means being John Romero's bitch and playing release-day unpatched anime MMORPGs for all eternity.

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    He actually reminds me of the girls from LADETTES TO LADIES a TV show from the UK as well as plenty of other people I've met over the years.

    They will do anything to be the centre of attention but they haven't worked out the difference between getting it for the right or wrong reasons.