Monday Morning Assorted Geekery

From around the tubes:

  • Do game designers read what you write on gaming forums? Maybe. Your chances would probably go up if you dabbled in punctuation.
  • Plenty of updates about the predictable hysteria over the impending release of Grand Theft Auto IV over at GamePolitics. Note, for example, that someone in government actually listened to Jack Thompson, so now Miami-Dade's bus shelters are safe! Plus, various organizations issue warnings that GTA IV is not for kids. But really, what's the target audience for that? Is there a group of parents who are so clueless that they don't read the boxes of what they buy for their kids, but still care enough about exposing their kids to cartoon violence and hookers that they'd listen to an organization with an acronym?
  • An interesting retrospective, with pics and video, of LucasArts' 20+ years of sci-fi games.
  • Details from a leaked script from Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spinoff/prequel, are here. That dialogue sounds more original-series-campy to me. Maybe it's in the delivery.

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