The Arab American News Understands What Richard Warman And Warren Kinsella Don't

We've written a number of times about the travails that Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn face before Canada's Human Rights Commissions, a set of administrative barely-courts whose primary purpose seems to be to punish Canadians for speaking political opinions deemed unacceptable in certain circles of the multi-culti left. We'd never have heard of Levant, and probably wouldn't read Steyn, both of whom have opinions with which we disagree about Muslims in Canada and around the world, but for these prosecutions which seem to be designed solely to punish speech. We'd ignore them, but we're now reluctantly fans of both.

The Arab American News writes:

Runner-up [for Canada's Tenth Annual Press Freedom Awards] was Mark Steyn, who was nominated by Maclean's for his article in their magazine, "The Future Belongs to Islam." The Canadian Islamic Congress brought charges against Maclean's in various human rights commissions across Canada, claiming that the article constitutes a hate crime. The second place acknowledgement by the Committee serves to illustrate the self-defeating nature of the complaint, which has given Maclean's, the article, and Steyn publicity which they ill deserve.

Tens of thousands of people have read of Levant, now famous for his publication of the banned Danish Muhammad cartoons, and Steyn, a prominent journalist in Canada, Britain, and presumably other podunk countries, who'd never have heard of either had they not been sued for speaking their minds.

The Arab American News probably disagrees with Levant and Steyn more than we do, but we agree with their editorial on the importance of speech and the ridiculousness of those who use legal process to censor it. If someone is hateful or merely wrong, criticize, mock, or just ignore what he has to say. Beat him in the realm of ideas.

But if you sue or censor, you'll make him a martyr, and spread his message more effectively than he ever could.

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