Step Three Has Been Discovered

Ken Layne, one of the early big political bloggers, now writes mainly for Wonkette. But he has a pretty sweet side gig.

1. Get a writing space at a website known for its vast population of idiots, pervs, goons, morphodites, and slackjawed yokels. Say … Democratic Underground, or Free Republic, or Something Awful, or best of all, America Online.

2. Go out of one's way to insult said idiots, pervs, goons, morphodites, and slackjawed yokels, by telling them, truthfully, exactly what one thinks of them, and why each and every one of them deserves to be called an idiot, perv, goon, morphodite, or slackjawed yokel.

3. Turn on comments from the readers.

4. Profit!

I'd do it for free, but I wouldn't do it as well.

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  1. says

    noone can deny that aol has meny great features and I dont know why you must bash it. i guess noone has a right to choose their isp in your world [rolleyes]

  2. The M says

    Oh, he *is* good.

    "I used to laugh at the people who predict the world will end in 2012. Now, I desperately hope it's true. The only sad thing about the 2012 Doomsday Scenario is that it supposedly won't happen until December of 2012, which means Hillary will be running for president again. But at least there won't be a 2016 election."