Update on HBO Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire Adaption

Via Prof. Bainbridge, I see that George R.R. Martin has posted an update on the development of the HBO adaption of the Song of Ice and Fire series, and specifically A Game of Thrones.

So far, the reports are good, and HBO seems to like what they're seeing… but no, there's no greenlight yet, A GAME OF THRONES remains a script in development, not a series in production.

The one hard bit of news is that HBO has reached agreement with the BBC for them to come in as a partner on the series… IF it goes ahead. That's very cool news, and I'm excited and pleased to have the BBC involved… but even so, we're still in the crossed fingers stage here, not the shooting-off-fireworks stage.

The BBC has done some of the greatest miniseries adaptations of books ever (I, Claudius being a notable example, the House of Cards trilogy is another), and I think it could make a fantastic partner for HBO. HBO, on the other hand, has made some real strides in series with complex characters and story arcs, and is comfortable with stories drenched with gore and sex, as SOIAF most certainly is. HBO is one of the few networks I could see running SOIAF without inserting Hollywood endings that would spoil the entire point of the series.

Sooner or later I'm going to have to do an epic "Cast the SOIAF series" post. Latest thought: James Caviezel as Ned.

No new updates on "A Dance With Dragons."

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  1. says

    It will definitely be an interesting series to watch if it ever goes to production. I like Jim Caviezel, but I think he'd be better suited for another character. I don't really see him as Ned. What do you think?

  2. Ezra says

    This is great! I am actually just starting another re-read (finished book1, and about 30 pages into book2) I'll start thinking about casting as well.

  3. Brian says

    Caviezel! Inspired choice… Robert Carlyle would be another good choice for Ned I think…

    Cersei: (Not that they could get her, but…) Nicole Kidman

    Robert: Ray Stevenson (from 'Rome')

    Let's get this going!

  4. Cast Thoughts.. says

    Tyrion = Peter Dinklage (Phenomal actor, who happens to be a small person. He would give the role believability)

    Bronn = Lacey Huhme

    Ned= Liam Neeson

    Cersei = Cate Blanchett

    Jaime = Viggo Mortenson

    "The Hound" = Joaquin Phoenix

    Jon Snow = Emile Hirsch

    Robb Stark = Robert Pattison

  5. Also... says

    If i had to put Jim Caveziel in a role, i would believe Rhaegar or Davos Seaworth would be more fitting. And Jeremy Irons as Stannis, Brendon Gleeson as Robert.

  6. Jake says

    Ned: Sean Bean

    No better man for the part, he's got the talent, the rough "I've got the whole weight of the world on my shoulders" look. As it's probably going to be filmed in England, I'm going to be crazing the BBC for an extra's role. Perhaps someone that get's maced in the face. I wouldn't care!