Game Geeks: Misunderstood, Not Suitable For Normal Society

So a group of people in the office is talking about young kids and their hazards and trying to freak out the recently married people. We're talking about the sleeping habits of our kids. So I say:

Babies must sleep. Babies must rest. Wise is the one who does not waken them.

. . . and get a lot of blank, uncomfortable looks.

Please note I had the good judgment not to complete the quote.

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    Or, for the non-multi crowd, there's this:

    Little ones needs lots of rest to grow big and strong. They grow up so fast.

    ….I'll tear out your spine….

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    Yeah, I didn't get that one and I spent an entire summer playing that game at a friend's house as I waited for him to get his ass out of bed so we could go to the arcade and play Streetfighter. Good times.

    Your geek memory is far greater than mine.