Tuesday Asshat Roundup

Part the First: many people are edgy about the safety of products from China these days (or at least, that was the scare of the month a few months ago.) Few, however, are rendered as stupid and insensitive in their fear as Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R-MI), who wrote a blog post originally titled "Protecting Your Family From Asian Invaders." Give Joe credit for avoiding "Yellow Peril." Joe has since rendered the language non-operative. Blogging isn't for everyone, Joe.

Part the Second: one of my worst nightmares, frankly. Thuggish border police in England detain a family with white parents and a multi-racial disabled child for several hours and accuse the parents of "trafficking"

The family was stopped by plain clothes officer from the Channel Tunnel Policing Unit on 20 February.

Ms Maynard, a legal advocate, said the officer, who failed to identify who she was, asked for the family's passports then asked "who's the boy?"

"My son is mixed race and the officer then told us, 'I believe you are child trafficking'."

When Ms Maynard asked the woman officer if she would be asked the same question if her son was white, she said the officer replied: "Are you accusing me of being a racist?"

. . . .

Ms Maynard said the woman officer told her: "It's obvious he [Joshua] has nothing to do with you".

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  1. cb says

    Jack London knew what he was talking about. The yellow has washed across our shores, and now what? We're being harrassed by our own police!