Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead

Jack Thompson, notorious anti-gaming firebrand lawyer and virulent nutcase, has been disbarred. Some of the text of the order is here.

What does it take to get disbarred in Florida? Well,

Among the extensive findings of fact presented in the report, the Court takes particular note of the following which occurred during the three-year period at issue in five counts in these cases: (1) respondent made false statements of material fact to courts and repeatedly violated a court order; (2) respondent communicated the subject of representation directly with clients of opposing counsel; (3) respondent engaged in prohibited ex parte communications; (4) respondent publicized and sent hundreds of pages of vitriolic and disparaging missives, letters, faxes, and press releases, to the affected individuals; (5) respondent targeted an individual who was not involved with respondent in any way, merely due to "the position [the individual] holds in state and national politics;" (6) respondent falsely, recklessly, and publicly accused a judge as being amenable to the "fixing" of cases; (7) respondent sent courts inappropriate and offensive sexual materials; (8) respondent falsely and publicly accused various attorneys and their clients of engaging in a conspiracy/enterprise involving "the criminal distribution of sexual materials to minors" and attempted to get prosecuting authorities to charge these attorneys and their clients for racketeering and extortion; (9) respondent harassed the former client of an attorney in an effort to get the client to use its influence to persuade the attorney to withdraw a defamation suit filed by the attorney against respondent; and (10) respondent retaliated against attorneys who filed Bar complaints against him for his unethical conduct by asserting to their clients, government officials, politicians, the media, female lawyers in their law firm, employees, personal friends, acquaintances, and their wives, that the attorneys were criminal Case Nos. SC07-80 and SC07-354 Page Three pornographers who objectify women.

Thompson has already rushed to his own defense, decrying the disbarment as part of a vile and vast conspiracy and retaliation for Thompson's crusading ways, and he is confident of success in his federal action against the bar:

Thompson always wanted to own a Bar. Now, armed with multiple US Supreme Court rulings that no state bar can do what it has done to Thompson, he is set to own that Bar.


1. Thompson will not get the psychological help he needs.
2. Thompson will be able to inflict just as much legal expense on his opponents through pro se actions as he did through actions filed as an attorney.
3. Thompson will be declared a vexatious litigant based upon pro se filings within six months.
4. The media will continue to invite Thompson on TV shows to discuss, among other things, violence in computer games, just as if he were a respectable expert rather than a disbarred whackjob.

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  1. Patrick says

    From the Kotaku link:

    In response to our request for comment Thompson sent Kotaku a copy of an emergency motion he filed with the court, this despite the ruling which states that only another attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar could file a motion for rehearing on Thompson's behalf.

    While I haven't read the order itself, if that's an accurate characterization, meaning that Thompson can no longer represent himself in the matter pro se, that's horrible. Kidding and laughing aside, and I despise Thompson, it would be unconstitutional in a real state. Meaning a state that isn't Florida.

    Florida, of course, is only a state of mind.