It's not TV. It's favorite characters dying abruptly.

Big news for George R.R. Martin – Song of Ice and Fire – Game of Thrones fans, of which I am one. As we wrote about here, HBO has been toying with producing a series based on Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books, starting with A Game of Thrones. But it's all been hypothetical, possible, in-development stuff.

Until now. Martin now reports that HBO has given the order to film the pilot episode of A Game of Thrones.

This is tremendously cool for Martin fans like me. HBO is the one network that I'd trust to do the book some justice.

I think it's about time to warm up a new post about suggested casting and how the series will, by necessity, be different than the book. I expect a lot of fanboi rage about every deviation from the books — as if a TV series and a book were the same art form.

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