Pardon Me, Which Way To The Unicorn Enclosure? (Updated)

Maybe I'm biased, but I've always thought of a zoo as being kind of, you know,sciencey and stuff. You'd have to maintain a certain amount of scientific literacy to keep the animals healthy, I'd think. And then there's the whole giving tours, accurately describing the animals and their habitats and habits and diets, and so on. A lot of zoos are connected to educational institutions, or provide classes themselves. Take the Cincinnati Zoo, for instance:

Part of the public school system in Cincinnati since 1975, the Zoo hosts a four-year college prepatory program – Zoo Academy. The Cincinnati Zoo is proud to serve as the leading non-formal science educator in Southwest Ohio. Over 300,000 students participate in the Zoo’s educational programs annually.

Wow. That's sciencey, all right.

So explain to me — why is the Cincinnati Zoo selling combo tickets with the creation museum?

You remember the Creation Museum.

Now, granted, the Zoo specifies that it's only a "non-formal science educator," and doesn't know how to spell preparatory, so maybe we should have seen this coming. But, really? A zoo, an institution of science, partnering with an institution that maintains that T-Rex was a vegan?

Isn't that kind of like your local planetarium giving you discounts for a reading at a local astrologer's shop?

UPDATE: The Zoo thinks better of it. More here.

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