In Texas, They Don't Need Six Degrees of Separation

As long as I'm cheerfully pimping Patrick's posts, I would be remiss not to call your attention to this excellent piece about how the circle of life works in the Lone Star State — drunk driver causes fatal crash, she ups and sues the driver she rear ended, the lawyer who represents her gets cases appointed to her by her daddy, who happens to be a judge . . . . you get the picture. Texas lawblogger Mark Bennett has a great follow-up.

While you are at it, take a look and see how a discussion of the blame-the-video-game industry culminates in Patrick committing a Unabomberesque federal crime against me.

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  1. Bryan V. says

    In Texas? Hello? The same things happen all over the world. Sure this instance was in Texas, but your headline implies this is commonplace there. I was born and raised in Texas and never found that to be the case. However, I've lived in California and New York and have read similar stories in those states. It's called corruption and runs rampant everywhere and is individual-based regardless of geography or title of power held. I like your posts but not your headlines so much.