Sometimes The Cliche Is Right

Geeksite extraordinaire Topless Robot ran a contest to identify the stupidest lack of sensible and obvious technology displayed in Sci-Fi. And of course the lack of seat belts in Star Trek wins.

And what about Worf? He doesn't even get a chair. There he is, at the back of the proverbial bus, and there's no chair. So he's on his feet pretty much 24/7 staring at the back of Picard's chrome dome, while there's a tireless android up front, sitting in a chair. Is it because he black/Klingon?

I actually sort of preferred some of the other entries. For instance:

Why no USB ports in Robocop? Imagined dialogue:

Q: How should this robot cop we invented interface with other computers?
A: A sharp 10 inch spike.
Q: Do PCs even have a port for a 10 inch spike?
A: PCs? umn hello it's 1987, we don't have high tech shit like PCs… err well we do but…but… Our MAINFRAMES have always had 10 inch spike ports.

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  1. Patrick says

    While I suppose one could kill with a usb cable, a ten inch spike is far more convenient. When I got back to the office from depositions this afternoon, I found we'd been without internet access all day because our service provider decided we hadn't updated our internal router password frequently enough. That's what they told me anyway.

    I'd have been glad for a spike at that moment, because it was complete bullshit. Two hours, for me, with no internet is like two hours in Hell. We could have had another 9.11, and I wouldn't have known.

  2. says

    I was thinking I'd wither and die if I went without the internet for two hours, but then I realized what an absurd notion that was.

    The rest of the world would simply cease to exist until I got it turned back on.