A Disingenuous Attribution

Do you trust this man to look out for your kids?  The Deseret News trusts him with its editorial page:

Jack Thompson, a former practicing attorney who lives in Miami, Fla., is the author of "Out of Harm's Way," which recounts his efforts against the entertainment industry.

That should read:

Jack Thompson, a disbarred attorney who lives in Miami, Fla, is the author of numerous frivolous pleadings and lawsuits, including one in which he sent gay porn to a United States District Court judge.

Even Fox News has, more or less, given up on holding Thompson out as some moral paragon.  Surely the Deseret News could have chosen one of the many scolds who've yet to suffer the ultimate professional disgrace to peddle their alarmist "save the children" agenda?

It's not as though there's such a shortage of petty tyrants in this country that only Jack Thompson can write a guest editorial warning parents of the threat that movies and games pose to children.

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  1. says

    Is this "article" (would it be rude to call it "the paid-for ramblings of a complete loon"?) going to be a regular feature?

    The man is an utter fruit. His war with the guys at Penny Arcade was classic, and caused me to cry I laughed so hard.