Arrested For Violating The Prime Directive

We possess advanced technology, but must guard it carefully.  It must not be allowed to fall into the hands of the primitive people of Connecticut, before they are ready for contact with the Federation.

In the arrest report, which was not released until about two weeks after the incident, East Haven Officer David Cari said Manship was repeatedly told he was standing too close to police while they were investigating. Cari said Manship took an "unknown shiny silver object" from his coat pocket, which he concealed in his hands and refused to identify.

"At this time this officer felt unsafe with Manship being too close to myself and Officer Spaulding and did not know at this time what Manship was concealing with his hands," the report by Cari says.

See if you can spot the unknown shiny silver object below.  I can't.  Evidently, Officer Cari had never seen a digital videocamera before he arrested Father James Manship.

Oh sure, critics of the Prime Directive say that if the people of Connecticut get one camera, they won't understand how to use it.  That's just what they said about Sigma Iotia II.

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