Time … Marches … ON!

I remember when it was quite the achievement that satellites could show the Great Wall of China, the most visible man-made object on Earth, in great detail.  Now, the International Space Station is poised soon to eclipse Venus, not literally but figuratively and only at some times, as a visible object in the solar system. Soon enough, the ISS will be visible to the keen-eyed without a telescope.

Someday the granchildren of my grandchildren, researching archaeology from the Ringworld, will find this post and smile.  But my smile is wider, at this moment.

Via The Gormogons.

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  1. Mark says

    On a clear night, the ISS is visable. There are times you see 2 stars, the ISS and trhe space shuttle. Spaceweather.com has the flyover predictions. lastly, the Great Wall being visable vfrom space is largely urban myth. The Rose Bowl is more visable from an airplanet than the Great Wall of China. Neither would be visable from 150 miles up.