Debbie Schlussel Offers Deep Thoughts On Real Tragedy of Spree Killings

There are many reasons to be appalled, horrified, and saddened at the terrible spree killing at the Birmingham, New York immigration services clinic today.

But conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel (rhymes with "pustule") knows exactly what the real tragedy is:

Many of the people there weren't screaming or pleading for mercy in REAL AMERICAN, but were talking in SOME FOREIGN LANGUAGE.

But it looks like most of those who were at the American Civic Association at the time of the rampage didn't speak English. And yet, most were there to take the citizenship test.

That's not all. Every DAY people who are murdered or raped or assaulted in this country turn out to be foreigners who don't belong here and can't even talk English. Everyone cries for them. But who cries for people like Debbie, who are traumatized by the knowledge that they shouldn't have been here to be killed or raped or assaulted in the first place? Where's your compassion then, huh?

Hat tip to Sadly, No.

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