"Che Worked With Castro To Put Gays In Concentration Camps!"

We don't often endorse products, but this earns the Popehat Seal of Approval:


There is a nifty story of craftivists fighting the good fight against mass-murder supporting dipshits at the link above.

Via TrinlayK, our favorite maker of plush elder gods.

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  1. says

    Awesome. Although the shirt that depicts Reagan in the same artistic style as the Che shirt is nice too — not based on liking Reagan but based on the reaction from the Che-shirted.

  2. Chris says

    I love it. I have a friend with a scraggly beard and long hair who looks somewhat like Che when he wears his Castro cap. When designing t-shirts for the clothing line he sells from his cycling shop, someone suggested a Che "look" print with my friend in his Castro cap. My response was eerily similar to the button. Probably more obscene.

  3. says

    Because I thought Ezra was our resident Marxist I was going to let him field this one. Alas, no one is here to defend poor Che and the teenagers who love him so I'll only say this: every time you play pinball or utilize metered short term parking you honor a revolutionary general who more than likely killed his share of people, which is to say you care more about what Che was fighting for than that he was fighting. I mean, me too, but I'm not the one who was so upset about a t-shirt.

    If I'm going to get upset about a tshirt, it will be this one because when I saw someone wearing it today, it made me mad to see the proof that there isn't anything so dumb that nobody will buy it.

  4. Patrick says

    There's nothing to field Charles. Why does it bother you that Che's mass murders are pointed out?

    Is Che your boyfriend, man?


  1. […] If asked what should happen to frozen Cuban-government assets under U.S. control, reasonable possibility #1 might be "hold them against the eventual day when a non-tyrannical regime emerges there, it will need help." Reasonable possibility #2 might be "divide the assets among Castro's many victims in some deliberate and step-by-step way, knowing that their injuries are so numerous and severe that even very deserving victims will get only small payments". The answer you'd think makes no sense at all is "encourage first-come-first-served tort lawsuits, so that the first couple of cases to maneuver their way through the legal process get handsome compensation, while no money is left for either #1 or #2". So naturally, the latter is what our legal system is doing, previously in $188 million and $253 million verdicts involving single incidents or families, and now in a new case in which the family of Gustavo Villoldo has been awarded $1.179 billion. One of the plaintiff's lawyers in the case actually boasts that the new award may obstruct a warming of relations between the U.S. and a post-Castro successor regime: "with the opening of relations between the U.S. and Cuba to come, there are debts to society to be paid before that happens" (more on Che Guevara, via). […]