Update on Blogger Anonymity: Ed Whelan Apologizes

In an update to Patrick's post and mine about blogging anonymously, NRO blogger Ed Whelan has issued an apology for outing blogger Publius. The apology is classy and seems sincere, and will — and should — go a long way to redeeming Whelan. Good for him.

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    Having been a member of a couple of groups filled with, shall we say, crappy people, I like to think I have developed a sense for apologies.

    And this one, like ever so many these days, reeks of "Crap. WAY more people are pissed at me over this than I thought would be…"

    Ed's not sorry he outted the guy. He's sorry so many are taking him to task over a bone-headed – and selfish – act.

    It might sound good, but come on. Half the people who come to this blog could word the most insincere apology in a way that made it sound like gold.