I Like My Humor Black. Like My Men.

Writer and director Craig Mazin is a genuinely funny guy, on paper and in person. I've suffered through a number of kiddie parties and similar events with him. I've managed to overcome my resentment of the fact that he has some sort of deal with his wife where if he doesn't want to go to a social event, he doesn't have to go. That shit's not fair, man.

I've talked before about Craig's blog The Artful Writer, which has lots of inside-baseball stuff about Hollywood, as well as good writing about the craft of writing. Today I enjoyed his recent piece on the up-and-down cycle of the movie genre of spoofs, in which he has worked. That genre hit its peak with Airplane! and its nadir with the recent Meet the Spartans, which I recently encountered on cable and from which I was unable to avert my sickly fascinated gaze.

It's a good read. Check it out.

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  1. Jag says

    He makes some really good points. I'm a huge fan of the genre, but like he said I completely gave up on it after ZAZ. Nice to know there are still films that follow the rules. I will need to check them out.

    I recently showed Airplane! to my son for the first time. While completely inappropriate for his age, it was worth it just to watch him quote the movie to my wife. The genes have been passed. My mission is done.