Congratulations to Overlawyered!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Walter Olson's launch of Overlawyered, which is one of the oldest existing weblogs, and probably the oldest weblog devoted exclusively to law and lawyers.  The site still operates much to the chagrin of some lawyers and much to the edification and amusement of others.  While portrayed by opponents as a "lawyer joke" site (untrue), or a "lawyer-bashing" site (arguably more true), Overlawyered also serves as a warning of the danger of litigation run amuck, and a "Don't get too big for your britches" message to a profession that combines power and self-importance in equal measure.

Mr. Olson has been very generous to this small site, for which we thank him.  If you've never had a blog of your own, believe me the feat of keeping a non-commercial site of high quality running, mostly as a one man show, for ten years is an impressive one.

Here's to ten more years for Overlawyered.  And may your name never be featured there.

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    Second that, Patrick. Walter is extremely bright, incisive, witty and generous. His site is a must-read for lawyers of all stripes – including this plaintiff-side New York injury lawyer.