North Korean Twitter Account: Not Genuine.

If you read the Volokh Conspiracy or Instapundit (we read and enjoy both), you may have discovered the official North Korean Twitter news feed.

The feed has given its author (us) endless amusement for the past couple of days, but it's getting worrisome.  Per the Norwegian website ABC News: North Korea threatens Cyprus with war.


(Click images to enlarge translated screen captures.)


Rather than spur further international tension, we're pulling the plug.  The feed will cease operation at 5:00 eastern time, with the message:

Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il promises rocket annihilation to Cypriot bandit pirates.

(To the credit of Eugene Volokh, he quickly got the joke. As for Instapundit, we believe he got it immediately, but posted it to amuse his readers.)

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  1. Chris Berez says

    Absolutely brilliant. I suspected it was a clever joke and couldn't be for real; but I have to admit, there was still a small part of me that believed there was a chance it was genuine.

    Very, very well done. Too bad you had to call it quits. It was genius while it lasted.

  2. says

    That's incredibly brilliant. Can I have the damned account? Screw international tensions. If nothing else I can use it to promote my own lame personal account. Hmmm. I think Ahmadinajahd needs a Twitter account.

  3. China Nolan says

    You guys are great! You had me fooled 100%. Just how many blunts did it take to be able to write like a apparatchik in the North Korean Communist Party. I bet those guys steal from this site. Just precious.