All Of A Sudden, I Am Interested in Twitter

Sorry Chris, but this is going to be another "how cool is living in SF" post. The other day I was walking around and found a little trailer selling some incredible crepes. I talked with the folks there briefly, and they let me know that San Francisco has a great tradition of "street food" and that most of it is now coordinated by Twitter.

Turns out, you can get everything from curry to tamales to goat tacos, on the streets of San Francisco (sorry, I couldn't resist..) in conveyances ranging from the classic taco truck to a guy on a bike. And, they use Twitter to tell you exactly where they are going to be. They also give you hints as to what's on the menu.

Acting as a guiding force in this is an organization called La Cocina. They are helping street vendors deal with city ordinances and permits, acting as incubators for food ideas and even offering kitchen space for aspiring street vendors. Here's a map they put together of some of the many choices around SF.

I'm not usually one for the Twitter/flashmob/social networking sort of thing, but (probably because I love food like I love oxygen..) this whole thing just seems very cool to me. It's almost enough to make me sign up for Twitter and follow a bunch of these folks in hopes they make it to my neck of the woods. Especially those bacon wrapped hotdogs!

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  1. Jag says

    @Brain –Bacon wrapped hot dogs, too much, shutting down..
    about 1 minute ago from TweetDeck

  2. Chris Berez says

    I really need to book a vacation to San Francisco.

    I was there with my family 10 years ago and it was an incredible city. I need to get back there again– especially since this time I can be on my own and I know now there is wonderful street food and strange men in purple suits who will offer me watches.

    I'm pretty sure I remember when I was in SF that I not only saw a seal, but also some dolphins.

    Yeah, I need to get back to California.

  3. Patrick says

    Without a doubt the best burger joint in North Carolina is a truck, that drives around through the most foody-friendly town in the state, named OnlyBurger. OnlyBurger gets the word out on its location mainly through a Twitter feed. I don't think that the business model could have succeeded before Twitter though there is a website:

    Lower overhead than a real restaurant, and burgers (fries, coke, and nothing else on the menu) better than In-N-Out or Five Guys. And I'd never have known about it but for Twitter.

    Twitter has probably helped me to gain five pounds in the past five months, all because of my addiction to a near-perfect hamburger.