Advice For Young Men From An Old Defense Attorney

If it sounds stupid, don't write it.  If it sounds witty but your parents wouldn't understand, don't write it.  Say it. Don't write it.  Everything that's written must converge.

When I attended college almost everything was the same as it is today.  We were coming off a boom into recession, the music was embarrassing but we didn't know it, and we thought we knew everything when in fact that wasn't the case.  The main differences were that young ladies had bigger hair, mullets were fashionable for young men, and …

the internet and social networking.

In my day, we could say stupid things to our friends and be pretty confident that none of it would be remembered.  At least we could be confident our friends would lie, and say that they didn't remember that idiotic thing we said.  We could take stupid photos of ourselves and our friends, but they could be burned if need be.

Computers and the internet, on the other hand, remember everything.  Everything you write may, one day, be read over by a total stranger who's old enough to be your dad, is as conservative as your dad, and doesn't love you the way Dad does.

He might even be suing you.

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  1. Jag says

    I was all set to disagree with you on the music until I pulled up the top hits of 1990. You are correct as usual.

  2. says


    Do you think your advice would caution against what I'm writing over on my blog at I can't see anybody suing me over it. My very last post kind of addressed this subject.

    I've noticed that many popular blawgs written by old defense attorneys don't seem to pull any punches, and don't hesitate to name names.

  3. Mark says

    As I tell employers:

    In every Facebook photo I've appeared in (posted by others), I may be holding an alcoholic beverage of some kind; however, this is not an accurate representation of my daily routine! Note that all pictures are taken after 11 AM.