Brace Yourself For The Typical Flood of Racist Douchebaggery

So Katherine Heigl — whose own sister was adopted from Korea — is adopting a baby girl from Korea. Best wishes to her and her husband and their daughter.

This will be an opportunity for some people to inquire whether celebs adopting get special treatment or exemptions from the rules. That is a legitimate inquiry. It may also be an occasion to explore problems with, and concerns about, international adoption; that is also a completely legitimate subject, even if it is not comfortable for everyone.

However, most of the coverage will not be serious. The loudest voices will be racist assholes like the Pittsurgh Tribune's Mike Seate, who will ask variations on "why are they adopting those ching-chong kids rather than REAL 'MURKIN KIDS." The loudest voices will tell rice and sumo and math jokes. The loudest voices, operating on the principle that "things I notice, or the media covers, represent a statistically significant trend," will push the "OMG Asian babies are celebrity fashion statements!!!!" notion. The loudest voices will be sure to use language distinguishing Heigl's baby so that nobody confuses it with a "real" daughter.

In short, the loudest voices on the topic will be douchebags.

Oh, by the way, some people will also complain that Heigl is not fit because she's to be a working mother — working on a movie soon, to be specific. I don't see a problem with that. She can pretty much let the kid graze at the craft services table. They've always got good stuff. (Unless it's an indie movie, then it's all vegan shit, like organic localvore rutabagas that have been grown in fertilizer made from the nightsoil of teaching assistants from the local community college's Comp. Lit. department.) Just make sure to put the baby on the craft services table before the teamsters get there, because they always take the donuts.

Plus, there are lots of people on-set who can supervise a baby. I mean, most of these jobs are made up anyway. "Gaffer"? "Key grip"? "Best boy?" Please. Like any of those can prove that their job description doesn't include "clean up after projectile vomiting." If they've worked on a movie with Gary Busey, they probably expect it.

Plus, I have to say that having a kid will take the pressure off of Heigl for relentlessly badmouthing her directors and writers. She bad-mouthed the Grey's Anatomy writers until [WARNING: READERS WHO ARE MY WIFE AND WAITING FOR THE SEASON FIVE DVD, READ NO FURTHER] they gave her character a brain tumor. That's why you don't annoy people who write; I'm just saying. Also, she whined about how demeaning some of the material in Judd Aptow movies were. Dude, it's a Judd Aptow movie. You were expecting it to be Chekov? Anyway, my point is that her kid can take the pressure off by her by taking over some of the bad-mouthing. She could focus on just the directors and the kid could, like, have a diaper malfunction all over the executive producer, or shriek at the writers when they try to steal food to take home to their families.

I may have wandered from the point here.

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  1. astonied says

    Love it!!! Yeah don't you just hate it when celebrities adopt because for the next year people have the urge to stop you in front of your kids and say stuff like:

    I bet since she's a celebrity she will be able to go to Korea and get two.


    I wonder why she isn't having one of her own


    Are yours REAL brothers?

    Only 364 more days to go…that is until she brings home her child…then the clock starts all over again! UGH!