What Job Lets You Act Like An Animal With Relative Impunity?

Four men embark on a crime spree. They use force and fear to rob people of money and drugs. They kidnap and burgle. They threaten to withhold life-saving medication from a victim until he tells them where he keeps money. They target people based on race, or because they don't like the looks of their car.

Their punishment? Six months in jail. Oh, and probation.

Sure, they're cooperating in the effort to punish other members of their gang of thugs. But people familiar with the rewards of cooperation know that such a sweet deal for such violent and lawless conduct is extremely unusual. What explains such a lenient result?

Oh, yeah. They're cops.

Via Radley Balko.

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  1. Casey says

    I'm sure the Fed will get a second bite. I doubt if any of those cops paid taxes on their side income.