Your Friday Afternoon Would Probably Make A Better Treasury Secretary Than Tim Geithner, But It Doesn't Have Connections To Goldman Sachs

Welcome to the return of the son of our friday afternoon time-waster series.  Once we attempted, every friday, to present those of you who were sitting, waiting, watching the clock, with things to do each friday, until you could start scooting to the door at 4:55.  We made the mistake of thinking we had a duty to give you this information, so it became like work, which is the antithesis of a friday afternoon time-waster.  While we're bringing the feature back, it will now be an irregular feature, with no obligation or loss of Slack on our part.

The Chart Game is a stock prediction simulation, which provides you historical data about one large, publicly traded company, but you're not told which company, or which phase in history.  Your job is to predict future performance based on the past performance you're provided.  Buy or sell.  You "win" the chart game by outperforming the S & P 500 over the course of a year, based on your decisions with this stock, and your trust, or lack thereof, of patterns in stock performance.

Having played the chart game many times, I can tell you that it quickly diminishes faith in the ability of analysts to beat the market as a whole over the long term, whether the analysts use Sun-Spot patterns, Astrology, Hedging, or any "system" other than Insider Trading.  Play for yourself and see that economics is truly the "dark science."

For a different time waster by the same author, see the fascinating Eyeballing Game, which we featured previously and described as "a test of skill, precision, and spatial geometry."  It too is diverting, and much more a test of skill than it is of luck.

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