Don't Give George Lucas Any Ideas

I was not able to attend this weekend's Wondercon, but a friend took this picture that I think sums the event up nicely.


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  1. says

    Aren't you a little . . . uh . . . normal and even presentable-looking for a cross-genre cosplay stormtrooper?

  2. Vice Magnet says

    I was in Orlando last month and they had Megacon going on there. I've never seen so many poorly made costumes in my life. However I am sure they were all made with love.

  3. says

    It would be a better idea than a Star Wars sitcom and "Jedi Babies" or whatever they're calling the new kids show.

  4. Max Power says

    Haha, I was at that and saw this guy. My friend and I concluded he must regularly dress as a stormtrooper, and the wolverine claws were his actual "costume."