Anyone who's read this site for any length of time knows that, though we don't run a law blog, we talk about the topic an awful lot.  And we're big fans of the Blawg Review, or the weekly Carnival of Law Bloggers as it's known to people who hate the term "Blawg".

So it's proper to highlight this week's Blawg Review, at Public Intellectual.  I don't know whether the author is a public intellectual or not, but I do know that he isn't a lawyer.  That's interesting enough (we know of only two non-lawyers who've written for Blawg Review), but Public Intellectual brings a rather more interesting perspective to Blawg Review: he's a defendant.

What he's written is well worth your time.  Thanks to the Anonymous Editor for opening up the carnival to bloggers who aren't members of the Special People Club that is the bar.  We'd like to see more well written, thoughtful blogging about the law by special people in general, especially those who aren't lawyers.

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