Joe Francis Is, Regrettably, Still Alive

Looking for evidence of that injustice is rife? Look no further than the fact that wood chippers are common in California, yet professional dirtbag Joe Francis has not yet fallen (or been shoved) into one.

I previously identified the verminous Francis as an example of someone I would never defend, simply because his continued existence offends me too much to allow me to be an effective advocate. This four-year-old article gives you a hint of why — though he's put in four years of sub-human behavior since then.

Case in point: Joe's porn company is threatening web sites with lawsuits because they've repeated reports that Santa Monica police investigated claims that he assaulted a pregnant employee for leaking stories of his bad behavior to the press:

To whom it may concern,

Demand is hereby made that you immediately remove the Article from your website. The Article contains false, defamatory statements as well as statements that are in violation of agreements signed by the former employees involved with the report.

This letter serves as a formal notice of our demand that you immediately remove the Article from your website located at as well as any other websites owned and/or controlled by you. We hereby reserve the right to take such action as necessary to protect our rights, business and reputation. Make no mistake: we will sue you, and seek injunctive relief, damages and attorney’s fees.

So that there is no possibility of misunderstanding, know this: we take this matter very seriously and will take appropriate action to protect our interests. The only way for you to possibly avoid such action is to contact me immediately. Nothing in this letter should be construed as a waiver, relinquishment or election or rights or remedies by Mantra Films, Inc. and its related companies, all of which expressly reserves all rights and remedies under all applicable federal and state laws. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

The low level of legal literacy in this letter is entirely consistent with the fact that a paralegal at a porn company wrote it. Francis has no prospect of winning in any attempt to secure prior restraint of reporting on police investigations, nor damages for the same. His demand is merely characteristic thuggery. If he sues that or any other web site, they should prevail under California's admirably strong anti-SLAPP statute. You'd think that Francis and his various pseudo-legal flying porn monkeys would know this. After all, it's been barely three months since he got his ass handed to him on an anti-SLAPP motion when he sued one Jayde Nicole for having the temerity to accuse him of assault after he assaulted her on videotape.

I'm not saying that being a thug who uses his wealth to threaten or file pervasive censorious harassment suits is as bad as being a thug with an established history of violence against women. But it's in the ballpark. And if, like Joe Francis, you're both — well. Not sure what to say about that, except to hope that the next woman Joe Francis gets mad at is a lifetime NRA member.

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  1. lockhimup says

    I am curious as to what a person has to do in America before you people say enough is enough?! This disgusting excuse for a human being continually exploits and assualts women. He has been accused of rape! He doesn't pay his taxes or outstanding bills. He shows up to court when he feels like it. His caught on video assault of Miss Nicole was not the first time he went after, and since then he threatened to hurt her again on a TMZ interview. I really don't get it. He is quite clear of his intensions and his hatred towards all women, so why is it, the American judicial system allows this scum sucking piece of ugly human garbage to walk freely?