So Many Horror Stories, So Little Time

Things I've wanted to write about this week, but haven't been able to hit.  Fortunately, they've been well handled by other bloggers:

Just thought you'd like to know.

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  1. Tsiroth says

    The University of Texas is not allowing police to conduct experiments on mentally ill prisoners. They are allowing police officers who are learning to draw blood, to draw blood from mentally ill prisoners (who would still have blood drawn by the facility's own staff). This is plenty appalling without the mischaracterization. (Anyone who has ever had a "bad stick" when having blood drawn or an IV placed knows that it can be really painful.)

  2. Clint says

    During my honeymoon in '96 my wife and I went to a Mexican food place in Munich for a "taste of home". Just laughably bad. Navy beans instead of pintos, chips and salsa on par with that in the blog post… just bad. Given how much European people seem to love real Mexican food, my wife claimed she was going to make her first million by opening a real Mexican food restaurant over there.

  3. says

    I remember ordering a margarita somewhere in Europe and getting a snifter of tequila with sugar on the rim.

    Yeah, my fault for ordering it, I know.

  4. Patrick says

    The University of Texas is not allowing police to conduct experiments on mentally ill prisoners.

    Two points, one on phlebotomy, a field in which I'm ignorant (though less than most laypeople – I cross-examine doctors and other health care workers for a living), and another on blogging, a field in which I flatter myself by saying I know a thing or two:

    I stand by what I wrote. Do-it-yourself phlebotomy (a licensed profession and for good reason – bad phlebotomists can kill) by the uneducated and untrained, is an experiment. By the untrained phlebotomist. As in, if I poke him here, what will happen?

    No hospital would allow random losers to walk in off the streets to draw blood from real patients. Except in this case.

    As to blogging, the link text is a tease. The point of the language is to get you, the reader, to click the link, to read it, and to judge for yourself. If you found my language provocative, well, you read the link.

    "Humans are such easy prey."