Skadden Arps Doesn't Observe "Take Your Dog To Work Day"

Today is "Take Your Dog To Work Day." If I had wished to do so, I could have taken one of my dogs to work.  I practice, by choice, in a small laid back insurance defense firm, having left a larger law firm (not Skadden by any means) because I could see myself dying of a heart attack at the age of fifty if I'd stayed with those backstabbing stuffed shirts.

The money isn't as good, but I have a stereo in my office, more unusual art than what I could have displayed at the big firm, and I can take my dog to work.

As a hobby, I write for a "Take Your Dog To Work" blog.  I can write about anything I wish.  I can cuss up a storm.  I can abuse and vilify anyone I choose, and I can write under a pseudonym, like the nameless coward that I am.

Dave Weigel found out, the hard way, that you can't take your dog to work at Skadden Arps Slate Meagher and Flom.

Weigel, long one of the more entertaining journalist / bloggers at Reason and later the Washington Independent, "resigned" today from his new gig as the Washington Post's blogger in chief on the conservative political movement.  Weigel, as anyone who can read could tell, is no conservative though he covers the movement well.  His resignation was prompted by the revelation of several emails he'd written, he thought in private, concerning Matt Drudge and the followers of Ron Paul.  As it turned out Weigel trusted the wrong people, and the emails were revealed.

Weigel, coming from a "Take Your Dog To Work" background at Reason, a "Take Your Dog To Work" political magazine if ever there was one, made the mistake of taking his dog to work at the Washington Post, which is Skadden Arps.

The dog promptly shit on the rug, humped an important client who was allergic to fur, knocked over the aquarium filled with rare Japanese koi, then vomited fish bones all over the managing partner's office.  And so Dave Weigel first apologized, then got to carry his belongings out of the office in a cardboard box.

It's as simple as that.  Some claim that Weigel was fired for "having an opinion". That's shit on the rug, and it won't come out.  Weigel was fired for forgetting that you can't take your dog to work at Skadden Arps, no matter what they tell new associates about the wonderful lifestyle they'll enjoy working at the world's most prestigious law firm.

No doubt Weigel will land on his feet.  He's talented and he's smart.  But he'd be better off at a "Take Your Dog To Work" magazine or blog.

I've wondered why some of Weigel's former colleagues, such as Radley Balko or Katherine Mangu Ward, aren't working for the Post or the Times.  "Shit man, Balko's a thousand times smarter than David Brooks, and a much better reporter than James Risen.  He should be in the big leagues."

But they probably enjoy taking their dogs to work now and then, around people who actually like dogs and won't be offended by the smell.

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  1. says

    Skadden would let you take your dog to work if they could figure out how to bill your dog out at $750 per hour.

    Not sure how that works in the analogy.

  2. Patrick says

    It fits, only Skadden hasn't figured out how to fit a dog into its billing software.

    Rolling Stone, which would be the small sized firm working on contingent fees, billed millions per hour with the McChrystal story this week, on a story that at first glance looks like a dog.

  3. Mark Bennett says

    When I saw the title of this post in my RSS reader, I read "observe" as "deserve," which made perfect sense to me.

    Mark Bennett
    Managing Poop Scooper
    Bennett, Bennett, Indy & Lucy, L.L.P.

  4. Patrick says

    I've always loved you David, but are you one of the people to whom Weigel was responding in the comment I referred to above? None of them had your flair. So, in essence, I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

    Back on topic, want a puppy? She sort of forced me to take her in today. I really can't have another dog, but if I could, I'd keep this angel. I'll be happy to email a photo to you. I'll be busy Friday (anniversary), but if you're interested I'll drive up wither her on Saturday to allow the Davids to meet her.

    I can't let this dog go to a kill shelter.

  5. says

    Ah. I went up *this* windmill, not that one, and found myself the hero.

    We're already all dogged up, but your noble rescue of the solicitous pup earns you divine brownie points. A multiplier if you can find, or become, its long-term home.

    You old softie.