We Have New Sleeper Cells, And They Are FABULOUS

Faced with judge Vaughn Walker's order finding that California's Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, and faced with the blast from the past showing that Judge Walker was a Reagan appointee whose nomination was urged and supported by conservatives and opposed and decried by the unholy trinity of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and gay activists, the most vocal opponents of gay marriage have headed in a direction we should have predicted: towards increasingly nutty conspiracy theories.

Via Box Turtle Bulletin (my favorite source for commentary on gay rights issues, thanks to thoughtful analysis and principled stands like opposition to attempts to censor anti-gay speech), I see that the Family Research Council has decided that Vaughn Walker is a sleeper agent.

It turns out that the Judge behind Proposition 8's undoing was just biding his time until he could unleash his ultimate agenda: decimating marriages that have defined civilization since the beginning of time.

How many more gay "sleeper cells" are out there, just waiting for some secret predetermined signal** to activate them and send them on their ruthless anti-family campaign, armed with the weapons of mass destruction of due process and equal protection?

**("When Rush Limbaugh gets married for the fourth time, strike out against the sanctity of marriage!")

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  1. Imaginary Lawyer says

    Judge Walker disclosed his sexual orientation to the parties BEFORE the trial to permit them to seek recusal if they believed he was biased. They didn't.

    I know, I know – the FRC is lying! Who knew?