Nearly Sequential Checks Threaten Airline Safety

Are agents of the TSA, armed with junk science and a swollen sense of entitlement, still harassing citizens for no particular reason? Of course they are.

Today's story comes courtesy of CoyoteBlog: TSA agents detained Kathy Parker, asked rude idle questions about her medication, rifled through her grocery receipts looking for suspicious entries, then interrogated her about a deposit slip and checks made out to her and her husband:

Two Philadelphia police officers joined at least four TSA officers who had gathered around her. After conferring with the TSA screeners, one of the Philadelphia officers told her he was there because her checks were numbered sequentially, which she says they were not.

"It's an indication you've embezzled these checks," she says the police officer told her. He also told her she appeared nervous. She hadn't before that moment, she says.

She protested when the officer started to walk away with the checks. "That's my money," she remembers saying. The officer's reply? "It's not your money."

At this point she told the officers that she had a good explanation for the checks, but questioned whether she had to tell them.

"The police officer said if you don't tell me, you can tell the D.A."

It's not your money, citizen. Until you prove otherwise to the satisfaction of whatever cop takes an interest, it is potential criminal proceeds.

Is anyone even a little bit surprised that TSA agents are not abiding by the TSA's new regulation restricting screenings to transportation-safety-related issues? Is it any surprise that TSA agents are still using hunches covered in a thin scrim of junk science about behavior to justify intrusive interrogation and searches?

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  1. says

    You know that there was an off-the-record training session where the TSA agents were told "You can't detain travelers for non-security issues. You must refer suspicions to local law enforcement. That's why local law enforcement will be on hand to help you detain people if your snooping bears fruit."

  2. TomH says

    Charles –

    Unfortunately, as I am sure you agree, there is no fruit here. Release the tort lawyers!

  3. says

    Oh, definitely, TomH. I think "fruit" would be defined in my fake briefing as "any bullshit you want to use as grounds to detain someone."

  4. says

    Meanwhile, the TSA goons … err, twits … err, morons … oh the heck with it.

    TSA clowns allow terrorists to get on an airplane, probably because they did not have suspicious checks that might mean they were skipping town on their spouses.

    Useless gits let these terrorists go on an aircraft, despite lots of real suspicious stuff, and let them switch planes at O'Hare as well.