Jonah Goldberg's Mom Sure Won't Be Dating Todd Seavey Anytime Soon

It's a safe bet that no one else was watching C-SPAN 2's "Book TV" panel the other day, so consider this a public service announcement to the woman of the world.

Don't date Todd Seavey.  Ever.

If you must date Todd Seavey, don't break up with him.

Because he'll talk all about you, in great detail, on C-SPAN 2's "Book TV".

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  1. Patrick says

    I'll admit she doesn't seem to be much of a prize either, but the entire thing reads like a transcript from "Jerry Springer's Nietzchean Book Club" rather than C-Span.

  2. Mike says

    Man, that video was awesome.

    The guy probably thought he was getting revenge. Instead, he made a fool out of himself. He also showed complete cultural ignorance. Whining about a woman cheating on you is worse than whatever "slut sanction" even conservatives would impose on infidelitous women.

    A buddy of mine (very conservative) was cheated on, and he went around telling everyone. I had to explain to him that people look down on men who get cheated on; and that by complaining about it, he only validated his wife's decision to cheat on him. He would even tell women he wanted relationships with that he was divorced because his wife cheated on him. (!)

    The type of guy to whine about being cheated on is, by definition, the type of guy who'd get cheated on.

    Maybe that is too Zen for conservative Christians.

  3. says

    I've long suspected that almost all people who want to be on the teevee just want to use it as an opportunity to work out their issues. This guy is just more up front about it.

  4. Ix says

    The one good thing about this? Any woman he approaches, from now on, in the hopes of getting a date will have more than ample warning (…provided he doesn't change his name or provide an alias, of course) and will be able to avoid the crazy.