Censorious Goons Will Be Censorious Goons, Eh?

Oh, Canada.

You continue to be a haven for speech-despising thugs.

Today's main culprit: our old friend Richard Warman, crusading censor of incorrect thought and expression. Warman, you may recall, has a penchant not only for using Canada's malevolent and totalitarian speech bureaucracies to suppress incorrect thought, but also for suing people who criticize him for doing so. He's also got a knack for endangering the lives of the most pitiful of his foes, even when they roll over and show their belly, and of a generally thuggish approach to public discourse.

So it should be no surprise that, once again, he is suing Canadian bloggers, this time for merely linking to posts criticizing him.

The suit arises, indirectly, from British Colombia's shamefully censorious and unprincipled pursuit of pundit Mark Steyn. I don't agree with the Canadian blog Blazing Cat Fur on much, but I agree with its consistent strong stance against Canada's totalitarian speech laws, which are premised on the concept that certain favored groups have a protected right not to be offended. Blazing Cat Fur has drawn Warman's ire, and he has sued for $500,000 Canadian (which in this poor economy is almost as good as real money), complaining that Blazing Cat Fur wronged Warman by linking to a Mark Steyn post about him and by allowing rude comments, including one that — brace yourself here — calls him "Billy."

As I said, I don't agree with Blazing Cat Fur about a lot of things. They've written some things there that make me angry. But because I'm not a moral defective or a big girl's blouse, I articulate my disagreement if I am in the mood, or otherwise just get over it. But there are creatures in this world, creatures like Warman, who revel in abusing the system to inflict harm upon their detractors. Even a frivolous and patently abusive suit can be financially ruinous — Canada is even worse than the United States in that regard, as at least many U.S. jurisdictions have anti-SLAPP statutes.

Blazing Cat Fur could use your help fighting the good fight. Consider a donation to their defense fund. Or, at least, consider publicizing the issue and speaking out against a system that allows censorious thugs to sue citizens for pointing out that they are censorious thugs —- whether you are talking about Warman, or about Canadian cops who harass citizens for blowing bubbles and then sue people who make fun of them for doing so. The tide may be turning in Canada against such things, but for now the censors and their apologists are firmly entrenched there.

Hat Tip.

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