Sometimes There's A Man

who shows up out of nowhere.  He won't tell you his name.  He's not from around these parts.  He just says what needs to be said, and moves on never to return.  But the place is never the same.

I'm speaking, of course, about the abrasive first-time blog commenter who's just there to insult the author and his readers.

Generally we ignore or delete these people, but every once in a while it's nice to give one of them a thorough workout.  The kind of workout where you can almost hear the author cracking his knuckles before hitting the keyboard.

This reply, to something calling itself HumboldtBlue, is a masterpiece of the genre.

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  1. says

    Being from Humboldt County, California, I perked up when I saw the name HumboldtBlue on Balko's blog. Sad to say he/she is probably a local.

    Because sometimes there's a man
    sometimes there's a man…
    I lost my train of thought
    Ah hell, I've introduced him enough.