There's Life In The Dead Yet

Friends on the west coast who haven't had a chance to see the premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead tonight, should.

I didn't expect to like it.  I expected to see the first episode, satisfy myself that it wasn't worth watching, and move on.  Though I'm a fan of George Romero, I don't like most zombie movies, because most zombie movies are, to put it plainly, awful.

But here we have a true contender.  I highly recommend The Walking Dead to fans of George Romero or Max Brooks, but also to anyone (with a strong stomach) who enjoys a good suspense or horror yarn of any sort.   On the evidence of one show, this will be a top notch television program.

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  1. says

    The comic series it is based on is quite acclaimed. I wonder if they will go with one of the things for which it is famed: that one issue where half the cast dies.

  2. Patrick says

    Well they certainly broke one of the taboos of modern television, and I'm not talking about the violence, or even about the genre convention that George Romero refers to as The Feast.

    The Feast is strong in this one, for what that's worth.

  3. Chris Berez says

    I've been excited for this show since it was announced, as I've been reading the comic for years. They definitely expanded on some things, and have added a few elements. But the basics are there, and they knocked this one out of the park. I hope this does gangbusters in the ratings and gets picked up beyond this initial run, because I really want to see what they'd do should they get the opportunity to get deep into the comic's run.

    Patrick, I'm glad you gave this a chance. I was really hoping you would.

  4. says

    Chris, I've been hounding him about he Graphic Novels for awhile now, and and I've made sure to discuss the show.

    Solid premiere. I haven't read the Graphic Novels in ages, so I can't remember everything that had changed from #1, but that's not a big deal. It felt mostly faithful, which is really all you can hope for.

    I was pleased to see they broke that same Taboo. I thought the effects work was excellent.

  5. Andrew says

    I thought it was a great start, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle future episodes, when more survivors enter the picture.

  6. says

    Really enjoyed this. I was slightly familiar with the source, but had not read much. The show made me very happy. Definitely a must record!

  7. says

    As the owner of a comic book store, I suppose I should be telling folks that there are a TON of great comic books out there, and they should spend $900 to get all of them.

    Here's my dirty little secret: I only read two or three titles at a given time.

    Walking Dead is the best thing being published (well, that and Mouse Guard).

    You could do worse than to pick up the first volume, collected into a graphic novel.

    I'll provide a link, but Popehat friends, feel free to delete it if that's too commercial for this blog.

    I missed the AMC premier the other night (no cable / antenna /etc.) but will ask some friends to Tivo it in reruns.

    Can't wait!

  8. Patrick says

    We actually allow commercial links by friends who sell products of which we approve, especially when they aren't pushy about it, and when they aren't so crass as to offer us money.

    Since I like comics and I like your blog, I've added Heavy Ink to our right sidebar, along with Curio City, a seller of magnificent trinkets and gewgaws which we heartily endorse. I thank Curio City to this day for selling me a really good air-based microwave popcorn popper (good ones are damned near impossible to find), and my glow-in-the-dark dog frisbee.

    Others, meaning anyone who isn't TJIC or Kraken (the guy behind Curio City) should note that we don't have many friends, and aren't looking to make more of them. Ever.