A Perfect Christmas Gift

If you didn't see "Inception" in theaters, it's available on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 7.

I didn't write about it while it was big, but "Inception" is the best mainstream movie I've seen in years.  A wonderfully satisfying thriller with a mild science / speculative fiction tinge, an intentionally Hitchockian aesthetic, and as much appeal for women as for men (a rarity in techno-thrillers).

And it's as good as Hitchcock at his best.   It's as good as "Vertigo," which is to say that it's a nearly perfect film that will be as great fifty years from now as it is today.  If you have a special someone, this is the stocking stuffer to get.

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  1. says

    Loved it.

    Working on a long post about how the quality of a work of art is what drives whether we care about whether the backstory is consistent.

  2. says

    We tried to go see it. It was the first time we managed to go see a movie without the kids in a really long time. Unfortunately, we managed to get the release date for the movie wrong and showed up the week before it came out. Instead, we saw.. Something. I don't even remember what.

  3. tarylcabot says

    Was not a fan of Vertigo – ok movie made worse by idioc ending – Kim jumping out of the tower because the nun shows up. Actually the entire premise of Kim helping the bad guy made absolutely no sense – after helping a guy murder his wife, she just hangs around SF so Jimmie can stumble across her again.

    Inception hopefully is better than Vertigo.