I'll Take My Pizza With Extra Dwarf, But No Anchovies Please

Fun with Google Translate, courtesy of Pizza Hut Japan.

Asparagus, Mirukushifudososu, mayonnaise, black pepper, prawns, corn, chicken and barbecue …

There are eight sub-menu headings beneath the main, English heading "Menu and Order".  I've given you the pizza with dwarf topping, you find the rest.

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  1. rsm says

    Lame, might want to invest in new glasses as it's clearly 'dwarf crab', with the comma after crab (not that that is meaningful. But bah, here I thought it was something actually funny.

  2. Julian Hung says

    I'm glad to see them clarify that their crab & beef pizza comes "without dwarf crab, mayonnaise, prawns, corn, broccoli and…" (I will randomly presume that last one is good taste.)

    Also: "Please call us to extract the uplink." What kind of cyper-punk shenanigan are they running under the table here?