Dispatches From The Escape From Freedom

On the way to and from Korea, my ten-year-old son got randomly (I suppose) selected for secondary inspection twice. It was brief and professional, and involved a metal detector wand, not groping.

Not everyone is so lucky.

Surely a widely-distributed video of a six-year-old being groped by a stranger will inspire people to care, right? We won't allow the government to molest children in exchange for some meaningless security theater, will we? Will we?

Well, at the very least, the TSA will have to defend and explain its policy requiring adults to pat down six-year-old girls, right? Someone — like their official blogger — will have to respond, right? Let's see what TSA Blogger Bob is talking about:

Meet Dolan, TSA's 500th puppy to be born into the TSA Puppy Program. Each of the puppies are named after a 9/11 victim to honor their memory, and this puppy was named after Capt. Robert Edward Dolan Jr., who lost his life in the attack on the Pentagon.

Dolan was born at Lackland Air Force Base and if he meets our high standards will be trained by the TSA's National Explosives Detection Canine Team to become an explosives detection dog.

In case you don't read subtext, I'll translate for you: "Fuck you. We'll do what we want, and you'll take it, because you're afraid not to."

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  1. C. S. P. Schofield says

    I keep waiting for the Unwashed to realize that both the TSA and the Homeland Security empire are consequences of their somewhat brainless demands that 'somebody' (other than them) 'do something' after 9/11. There is no practical reason for either to exist, since experience since 9/11 shows that anybody foolish enough to try to take over an airplane with a lot of Americans on it will be deposited in the overhead luggage compartment, in somewhat used condition.

  2. says

    "…you’ll take it, because you’re afraid not to." Afraid? Certainly — there are humorless people with guns and no sense of balance, who cannot be held accountable. You betcha I'm afraid: not of Muslim fanatics; of "my" government.

    By my rough reckoning, the economic damage of the government's fight against terrorism is 100,000 greater than the damage directly inflicted by terrorists.

  3. perlhaqr says

    Surely a widely-distributed video of a six-year-old being groped by a stranger will inspire people to care, right?


    You're funny, man.